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Employees who trust one another innovate more and outperform industry standards


Flexibility and Trust Survey™

Interpersonal flexibility is the ability to relate to people in such a way that their needs are at least as important as yours. Flexible people tend to have the ability to gain endorsement for their initiatives, projects and proposals. The flexibility component of this two-part survey measures a range of team members’ capabilities, including:

  • Adaptability to different people and situations
  • Acceptance of difference in others
  • Willingness to adapt behavior to relate well to other people

The trust component of the survey measures team members’ ability to build trust. Trust is the foundation of all interpersonal relationships and in its absence other interpersonal skills are essentially meaningless.

The trust measurement encompasses the four Elements of Trust™ and the eight corresponding Values that Build Trus

Flexibility & Trust Survey™

Sample Trust Section

Flexibility & Trust Survey™

Sample Flexibility Section

Flexibility & Trust Survey™


Flexibility & Trust Survey™

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