A Cohesive Team Makes a Difference

Is Your Team Cohesive Or Are They Dysfunctional And How
Do You Know?

It all starts with you!!

The Best Team Development Webinar Available Anywhere


Effective teams don’t just happen, they need to be created. Learn the five key behaviors necessary to build and maintain a cohesive team.

In this webinar, you’ll learn valuable skills for improving communication, increasing trust, and utilizing the team’s strengths to reach the highest levels of performance possible.

This webinar offers a simple approach to team development and trust formation. Led by an expert in team dynamics and executive coaching, Carole Gill brings over 20 years of experience to the subject, with a focus on how a team’s overall emotional intelligence can make all the difference in performance.

Sample Five Behaviors Personal Development Profile


  • Receive a personalized tool ($120 Value) that helps drive understanding of self and others within the framework of effective team characteristics.
  • Learn the critical behaviors and interpersonal skills necessary to be effective team players on any team
  • Empower team members to shape their behaviors, increase productivity, and create a common language that completely redefines what it means to work together to drive results
  • Acknowledge each other’s humanity and enable each team member to recognize and embrace their shared imperfections, ultimately establishing a strong  foundation of vulnerability-based trust.
  • Receive tools for continuous learning to ensure lasting change

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Carole Gill is a Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions Authorized Partner, Certified Facilitator and an expert in the Everything DiSC® suite of products. Carole Gill has been licensed by Wiley to provide Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification directly to her clients.

Carole not only teaches it, she has done it. After holding numerous executive positions in the telecommunications, information technology and human resources fields, Carole formed her consulting firm and has implemented leadership and organization development processes that have positively impacted thousands of people.